Enforcement Divison: Deadly Acceleration Chris Malburg


Published: March 1st 2012



Enforcement Divison: Deadly Acceleration  by  Chris  Malburg

Enforcement Divison: Deadly Acceleration by Chris Malburg
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SEC enforcement examiner and retired Navy SEAL, Jackson Schilling, unearths what at first seems merely a manufacturing defect at the world’s largest car manufacturer. Schilling just fell down the rabbit hole of deception. The lives of thousands of unsuspecting motorists worldwide suddenly hang in the balance. They are collateral damage to an even more sinister plot. Schilling works exhaustively to expose a conspiracy employing weaponized mass financial destruction on a global scale. He is up against a brutally sophisticated gang whose resources rise to the highest levels of the Chinese and American governments.Shilling’s struggle and epiphany along with that of his billionaire father and Helen Kaito, daughter of Kaito Automotive’s chairman, resonate with current headlines and real world occurrences.

The book’s electrifying combat sequences, plausible use of financial discovery as a weapon and the featured locations--Elkhart, Beijing, Shanghai and Washington DC--all accelerate the plot’s movement.Deadly Acceleration maintains its suspense to the end as Schilling and his out-gunned group reveals the true purpose of this act of global industrial terrorism. They fight to disarm a truly unique weapon and then give the perpetrators a taste of justice, American-style. Deadly Acceleration is an 83,000-word action-adventure novel written for leisure readers, travelers and vacationers in search of pure entertainment.

The book targets young professionals, 18-35.Deadly Acceleration draws on the author’s lifetime career in corporate finance. After 12 successful business books, the author now turns this experience and meticulous research to a different purpose--global domination perpetrated by one country over another. All without firing a shot.Readers know the author for his technical accuracy and crisp writing style. Both are present in Deadly Acceleration, the first Jackson Schilling novel.

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